Helpful Hints for Selling Your Home...
  1. Let the Agent do his/her Job
    We strongly recommend that your home be shown by appointment only. If someone sees the For Sale sign and knocks on your door, refer them to the agent handling your home. After all, the agent is professionally trained to handle the situation. Doing this will increase the chances of a quick sale.

  2. Let's Make a Good First Impression
    The first thing a potential buyer sees is the exterior of your home. A freshly manicured landscape will ensure the first impression is a good one.

  3. A Little Work Can Make A Lot of Difference
    Fixing leaky faucets, a coat of paint or new wall paper will not only increase the chance of selling your home; it could increase the price as well.

  4. Bigger is Better
    Removing unnecessary articles from the basement, attic and closet will show the perspective buyer just how much space your home really has.

  5. Show the Whole House
    Be sure all of the rooms in the house look the best they can. For a dull, dark room, a coat of paint will be a valuable asset. Don't forget the basement, give it the same consideration.

  6. Ensure Buyer's Safety
    Make it a point to check that all passage and stairways are clear of all obstacles.

  7. Closet Space Can Sell Your Home
    Large closets are an important selling feature. Be sure they are uncluttered, well organized and neat.

  8. The Key to Bedrooms
    Fresh and Clean! Freshly laundered, bright, cheerful curtains and bedspread will leave a good impression.

  9. Buyers Are Not Walking on Water
    Be sure the carpets and floors are always kept clean. Professional steam cleaning may improve your chance of selling.

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